Uptimers F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions about Uptimers:


Q:  What does Segars Engineering provide?

A1:  The basic setup consists of a one time fee for setup and training, as well as a monthly rental charge for the device and software.

A2:  If you are not ready to commit, or require more information, Segars Engineering can provide feasibility studies, pilot programs and implementation plans.


Q:  My facility does not need hard hats.  Can you use it without?

A:  The device works best when attached to a hat to minimize slippage and assure safe usage.  A bump cap, which is similar to a hard baseball cap, works as well.  The device now also comes with an optional strap.


Q:  Can I connect through my company’s network?

A:  Yes, it can be configured to connect to any wifi network.


Q:  We don’t have WiFi everywhere, what other solutions do you have?

A:   We have options for connecting via cellular networks to provide additional job site coverage.


Q:  Can it be used as a stand-alone device with no connection?

A:  Yes, The internal features allows for local storage, pictures, video, etc.


Q:  How does it work hands-free?

A:  Voice commands work very well.  The device has multiple microphones strategically placed.  The proprietary algorithms for noise cancellation were originally developed for the military.  The ambient noise is cancelled so the voice commands can be identified.  The accuracy of the voice commands is increased by the proprietary algorithms and by limiting the vocabulary to key words for each situation.

Other competitors devices typically have a track pad and buttons on the side.  They are difficult to use in the field and usually require the wearer's arm to be raised most of the time to the edge of the glasses.  They are uncomfortable and not hands-free.


Q:  We need hearing protection.

A:  Hearing protection is achieved via earplugs with built-in earbuds.  This gives the best of both worlds by providing the noise reduction PPE required while providing a means for hearing the remote support expert.


Q:  Does it work in noisy environments?

A:  The device works very well in noisy environments.  The voice commands are recognized by the unit and the microphones limit what is sent to the remote support expert so the field technician can still be heard clearly.


Q:  How long does the battery last?

A:  The battery was designed to last for a full work shift.  It is also easily swappable in the field so the device can continue working over longer periods of time.


Q:  Can I use it on the either eye?

A:  The device can easily be swapped to work with the dominant eye.  Simply turn the device over and rotate the viewport and clips 180 degrees.