• WestRock Site Engineering 2010-Present

    WestRock Site Engineering 2010-Present

    Location:  Covington, Virginia Segars Engineering performs dedicated site engineering work at WestRock's facility in Covington, Va working on infrastructure assessments...

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  • Explosive Mixing Building 2013-2015

    Explosive Mixing Building 2013-2015

    Location: Culpeper, Virginia Design and construction administration services for a 1,300 SF rocket fuel mixing building for a major defense...

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  • 14,000 SF Office Renovation 2012-2015

    14,000 SF Office Renovation 2012-2015

    Location:  Waynesboro, Virginia Design for total renovation of a two-story office building for a Fortune 500 manufacturer.  Services include Civil,...

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  • 5,400 SF Office Building 2012-2014

    5,400 SF Office Building 2012-2014

    Location: Culpeper, Virginia Planning, design and construction administration of a new 5,400 SF office building for a major defense contractor....

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  • Platform Inspections 2015-2016

    Platform Inspections 2015-2016

    Location: Various Segars Engineering has conducted facility-wide inspections of walking/working surfaces for a variety of industrial clients. Platforms are inspected...

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    Location: Waynesboro, Virginia Segars Engineering has performed planning, structural analysis, machine layout and design, engineering for expansions, and soils and...

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  • Wastewater Treatment  PM, 2013

    Wastewater Treatment PM, 2013

    Location: Verona, Va Provided project management and  construction administration for a wastewater treatment expansion for Whitewave Foods including pay application...

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  • Waynesboro City Schools, 2009-2012

    Waynesboro City Schools, 2009-2012

    Location: Waynesboro, Va Segars Engineering has inspected and recommended structural reinforcement and efficiency upgrades to the Waynesboro school administration building....

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  • Structural Inspections, 2006-Present

    Structural Inspections, 2006-Present

    Location:  Central Virginia Since 2006 Segars Engineering has performed over 75 structural inspections on industrial, commercial and residential structures ranging from...

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  • Conceptual Designs, 2006-Present

    Conceptual Designs, 2006-Present

    Locations:  Central and Northern Virginia Segars Engineering has helped manufacturers of all types, in many different industries, to design the...

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  • Wayne Hills School Renovation 2010-2011

    Wayne Hills School Renovation 2010-2011

    Location: Waynesboro, Virginia Design and project management for a complete renovation and upgrades to a 60-year-old school building, including new...

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  • TREX Chiller, 2010

    TREX Chiller, 2010

    Location: Winchester, Virginia Segars Engineering performed design and construction administration for the installation of two money-saving industrial chiller systems including...

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