2D to 3D Drawing Conversion


Segars Engineering can convert 2D drawings to 3D models, creating more functionality in record keeping.  3D Models are more useful and easier to understand than traditional 2D Drawings.  Additionally, 3D models help communicate to fabricators a clear idea of what the finished product should look like, ultimately saving iterations  of prototypes and speeding up production cycles.

Applications Include:

  • Building Plans - Drawings or 2D CAD can be input into a 3D platform such as Revit 3D, creating 3D models that show more details of the building faster and more interactively.  The models can also be augmented and new drawings created during upgrades, eliminating the need to keep outdated drawings on hand.
2D floor plan

2D Autocad Floor Plan

3D Rendering from a Revit model

3D Rendering From A Revit Model


  • Maintenance Manuals - 3D Parts renderings can be created and exported to PDFs, increasing maintenance efficiency through easier understanding of what parts look like in the real world, how they are repaired/replaced and how they interact with each other.
Parts drawing with 3D renderings included

Parts Drawing With 3D Renderings Included