Project Visualization

Visualize, markup, and share ideas using 3D PDF's.   Share markups and files with key personnel.   Use a facility map to quickly locate documents.  Manipulate the drawings to see what you need to see.  Zoom to specific markups or sectional views.  Add links directly on the documents to link them together or to navigate or drill down.  Segars Engineering provides services to connect, organize, and share data.  Our CAD services provide you with 2D and 3D visualization, drafting services, file storage, mapping, and more.

Segars Engineering excels in three dimensional machine layouts and industrial analysis. Our expert designers provide vivid and accurate 3D models that enable you to visualize fixtures, facilities, and machinery with animation and simulation for optimizing layout and process flow.  Designs are readily convertible to 2D sections, elevations, and construction drawings for rapid turnaround before and during the construction process.