It's time for UPTIMERS

Uptimers will enable you to collaborate with remote subject matter experts (SME’s).  Reach that perfect balance of field expertise and technical knowledge combined with detailed documentation to quickly arrive at solutions. Rent the RealWear HMT-1 hands-free wearable device through UpTimers and receive expert consultation including training, feasibility studies, pilot programs, and implementation plans.

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Use voice commands. Keep your hands free to take measurements, take action, and work safely.

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Built for the industrial environment and fully compatible with Personal Protective Equipment.

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SeE it

See the situation in the field and collaborate. Quickly determine the cause and reach a solution.
See It, Solve It!



Uptimers enables collaboration through a hands-free device, coupled with a connectivity package to remote experts.  See what the field sees, collect data, look up key information and place it in front of field personnel.  See it… Solve it!


Learn how to maintain and diagnose issues by collecting photo’s and video from the worker’s point of view.   These make for powerful presentations and on-demand reference.  Later, the material can be viewed right from the device in the field while in front of the equipment as you are performing a procedure.


This device not only lets you collaborate, it also works great for maintenance planning.  Document what you see, as you walk around then use the information for planning purposes and for communicating job scope with others. 

The UpTimers device consists of the RealWear HMT-1 plus software that enables the wearer to conference with up to four remote experts.

What people are saying

When they said it was totally hands-free, I was skeptical. Then I tried it for myself and was amazed how well it worked, even in a noisy environment.


I was introduced to this concept last year and I see a huge benefit with being able to assess the situation as if I was right in front of the equipment.